Shark Catching Game For Kids

What’s your fishing strategy? Have fun with the kids on this exciting game that surprises you while catching fishes! Get bitten and you lose!


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Automatic Fly Trap Pest Control Device

Your reusable machine that will help eliminate a huge amount of flies at your home. Lure them with sugar powder, honey, and watch them slowly get trapped and say... "Dude pare tsong huli na ang lahat".


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2023 Peso Sense Ipon Challenge

Ready to start your 2023 savings journey? Start by preparing this handy coin bank and save up to P76,750 just by following the save schedule!


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Nawawalang Anak Ng Reyna 2023 Planner

Nandito na ang one year na pampasaya mo! It's the perfect companion for your ever-serious job, mapa-corporate man o hindi. May Notebook version din para sa mga allergic sa date.


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Pokemon Pikachu 3D Wireless Mouse

Just the random time to think about this cuteness, noh? This original 3D mouse straight from the Pokemon headquarters is a sure ball that will either distract you or make you feel good about your computer work.


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Self-Adhesive 3D Floor Murals

These 3D self-adhesive floor murals can transform any room in your home into a dreamscape. These floor murals are made of plastic and are mildew-resistant, so they can be used in any room in your house.


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Wednesday Addams Black RaveN Dress

Relive that iconic Wednesday Addams dance at Nevermore Academy with this black dress: truly chic and fashionable design showing your unique charm.


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Susuka Pero Di Susuko Card Game

Drinking sessions will not be the same anymore! Every deck of Susuka Pero Di Susuko Drinking Card Game contains activities that will make you and your drinking buddies laugh and drink! May the last man drinking win!


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Indestructible Windproof UV Automatic...

The trending Tiktok item you cannot miss! This UV umbrella protects you from the sun's UV rays, and is proven to be one of the indestructible umbrellas in the market today. Promoted by a lot of Tiktok shoppers and reviewers, this one sure i...


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